Jul 7, 2011

IPO Market News

Right now, we are at a crucial time in regards to the IPO market and secondary stock offerings. The broader market is giving all sorts of signs that we could lower. The Japanese economy and it’s nuclear crisis, uncertainty in the Middle East and North Africa, gold is rising and some say that oil could see $120 per barrel, which would crush many U.S. consumers.

Now if you invest in gold penny stocks, the rising tide of sentiment in the yellow precious metal may lift all boats. If gold works it’s pretty safe to say that silver penny stocks would go up in sympathy with gold prices. There also too many ways to play penny stocks in regards to Japan to mention. Also, most political pundits, don’t feel the turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa is going to end anytime soon, so this also gives you chances to find hot penny stocks in the oil space. Both foreign and domestically.  Read full Article here

IPO Market News is news brought to you by Global Equity Report. We help our members get accurate information for penny stocks and penny stocks to watch.


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